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These Mandalas are created using the same type of spherical projection technique that is used to create the Strange Planets.

These are all created Julian Cash using photographs taken by Julian Cash. What Totem would you pick for a Mandala of yourself?

Eric's magical hat was the Totem Object for his Mandala.

Jeremy's Totem Object was an LED clock chip that he designed and built.

Eso's Totem Object was a metal dragon that she hand painted. In the Mandala if feels like an illustration.

TQ chose his sticker covered laptop for his Totem and Meredyth chose the satchel which she is never without.


This is one of the more iconic images from my book The People of Burning Man. It was a natural for turning into a Mandala.

This was the face of a cute boy I took a floating faces picture of at a wedding. But I loved the odd and slightly disturbing resulting image when his face was turned into a Mandala.

The rest of the images below are from my book, The People of Burning Man.